U-Reach U-Disc

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U-Reach U-Disc

The U-Reach uDiscduplicator is a sophisticated and portable duplicator which can backup data from any flash device to disc. Its "Multi-Session”technology allows the user to collect data from different flashdevices onto one disc. For larger capacity content the disc-spanningfunction will automatically span and copy your data onto multiplediscs. Its compact size and simple operation is ideal when there isno easy access to a PC

More and more people use digital camera or DV tocatch photos, record memorial moments and storage these data in flashdevices. Data in flash cards or USB are possible to be erased ordeleted , however, the situation will not happen if you save yourdata in a disc media for its un-erasable character. This becomes animportant factor for you to use uDisc to back up your data in flashdevices into a CD/DVD with following the un-erasable feature of discmedia.

uDisc is a sophisticated and portable duplicator whichcombines flash source device and disc drive. By "Multi-Session”technology application in uDisc, you can collect data from differentflash devices into one disc. And "Disc-spanning” function willautomatically span and copy your files into multiple discs. Just inOne Touch, you can quickly backup all important files without complexPC software setting, and cherish your memories with help of reliableand un-erasable DVDs.

Sharing digital photos with friends and family isso easy and entertaining when you pair your DV or digital camera withthe uDisc.

Cherish your memories with the help of reliableDVDs.

Why you need to backup files to Disc?

  • Easy to archive.

  • Easy to share andcopy.

  • Inerasable secureand intact while transmission

  • Lowest cost instorage.

  • Easy to label.

Zero- Learning, One-Touch copy
NoPC, No software required. You don't need to buy burning software anymore, just plug in your USB/memory card, you can burn a DVD.

Supports all Major Flash Devices
Availableto copy all major memory cards, USB drive and USB linked devices.

Collect manydata into on disc.
As long as the disc has free space, you cankeep copy many different source.

Disc Spanning Easy Back-up
Ifyou contained data size is more than 1 DVD, uDisc will automaticallydivide and copy your file into multi discs.

Who need uDisc?

If PC is too complex for you ...
ex: Older people or if you just don't like to use PC....etc.

If you frequently distribute photo/video...
ex : Photographer, tour guide, teacher.

If you need data backup ...
ex: Office, education, workshop.

If you need inerasable proof ...
ex: Police, Government, metting minutes.

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