U-Reach 1-7 Multi-function Flash to Disc Back Up Duplicator

(Code: 022-023)
£ 410.00
U-Reach 1-7 Multi-function Flash to Disc Back Up Duplicator

U-Reach multifunction duplicators are standalone devices which enable usersto have multiple copies of their CD or DVD’s within a matter ofminutes. The extra functionality to copy/backup data from any flashdevice (USB, SD, CF or Micro SD) to disc offers a cost effectivesolution to archive important video and audio data.


  • CompleteStandalone Operation:
    No PC required to operate the duplicator.

  • User friendlyinterface with real time LCD information display.

  • Heavy DutyConstruction for Everyday use in Industry.

  • High copy speedsof up to 33MB/Sec.

  • Discspanning- automatically spreads a large amount ofdata across many data discs if the source data size exceeds thestorage capacity of an individual blank disc.

  • Multi-session– as long as data stored on the source media is smallerthan the free space on the target media you can keep copying fromdifferent sources .

  • AsynchronousDuplication:
    The asynchronous copy loads data to abuffer memory automatically and allows each slot to duplicate dataindependently and continuously without scarifying speed whenthe number of targets is increased. Whether you are copying 1 or100 pieces the total copy time remains the same.

  • Future functionsupgradeable through firmware updates:
    Duplicator is ableto be upgraded by future firmware updates

  • Multi-Language compatibility

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