U-Reach 1-7 Hard Drive Duplicator

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U-Reach 1-7 Hard Drive Duplicator

The U-Reach HDD towerduplicator is an economical and powerful hard drive duplicator thatmakes copying from one Hard Drive to multiple Hard Drives fast andeasy. There is no computer required or complex software to operate.It supports high data transfer speeds of up to 90 MB per second,which helps you back up data more efficiently.

Hard Drive Duplicator Tower Series

  • CompleteStandalone Operation:
    No PC required to operate the duplicator.

  • User friendlyinterface with real time LCD information display.

  • Heavy DutyConstruction for Everyday use in Industry.

  • High copy speedsof up to 90 MB/Sec.

  • Supports 3.5 inchand 2.5 inch (with adaptor) SATA Hard Drives.

  • Threedifferent copy modes quick copy (system and files) all partitions,whole HDD.

  • Four erasefunctions quick erase (erases the HDD index only )full erase (erasesall the HDD sectors) DoD erase (U.S.A. Department of Defence (DoD5220) fully erases the HDD three times bit by bit to rewrite HDD andguarantee all data) DoD erase compare(also executes a comparefunction to make sure the random bit by bit process was correctlywritten)

  • Future functionsupgradeable through firmware updates
    Duplicator is able tobe upgraded by future firmware updates

  • Multi-Language compatibility

  • Note: Quick copy. If youhave a 2TB capacity HDD which only has 200GB data inside, quick copycan help to reduce the duplication time from 5.6 hoursto 33 minutes. Unlike some HDD duplicatorsavailable, this highly efficient machine offers the option notto copy the empty space.

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