U-Reach 1-7 Compact Flash Card Duplicator

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U-Reach 1-7 Compact Flash Card Duplicator

The U-Reach CF Card duplicators are stand alone units meaning there is no PC required or complicated set up procedures. Duplicating at speeds of up to 33 MB per second these super-efficient, user-friendly professional duplication systems are designed for industry and creators of digital media needing to duplicate the content quickly,easily and accurately.


  • Complete Standalone Operation:
    No PC required to operate the duplicator.

  • User friendlyinterface with real time LCDinformation display.

  • HeavyDutyConstruction for Everyday use in Industry.

  • High copy speedsof up to 33MB/Sec.

  • AsynchronousDuplication
    The asynchronous copy loads data to a buffer memory automatically and allows each slot to duplicate data independently and continuously without sacrificing speed when the number of targets is increased.Whether you are copying 1 or 100pieces the total copy time remains thesame.

  • Quick Copy:
    Quick copy function will analyse and copy only the data contained on the flash media, speeding up copy time.

  • Professionaldiagnostic features to checkflash media, capacity and speed.

  • Threedifferent erase functions
    Quick (Data only)Full (Data and Format) DoD (Bit by Bit) to USADepartment of defencestandard.

  • Futurefunctionsupgradeable through firmware updates:
    Duplicator is able tobe upgraded by future firmware updates

  • Multi-Language compatibility.

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