Super Jewel Boxes

Super jewel box - the ultimate cd case solution

All the latest music, games and films are using super jewel box, the cd case with rounded corners the super jewel box has a superior feel to the standard cd jewel case. CD jewel cases have been over the last few years one of the largest consumable plastic products on earth! Now universally accepted as the best the super jewel box is the natural evolution being more durable and far more professional in look and feel - you can see our standard cd jewel cases and compare the two products, but chances are if you have bought music or games recently you will have seen this high quality cd box already. It comes in several sizes, Standard, King and Plus and also has the ability to hold more than one disc.

Super jewel box and case products
The three different SJB products we stock are Standard, Plus and King - they each have different variants - each master carton contains 400 units so that is why the prices drop once you order over 400 cases, see below.
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