Seagate 4-Bay Rackmount NAS 16TB

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Seagate 4-Bay Rackmount NAS 16TB

Business Storage 4-bay Rackmount NAS delivers flexibility andagility for businesses with up to 100 employees, enabling you to back up yourPCs into one central location. And because it’s compatible with Time Machine®software, it works perfectly for Macs too. For additional protection, thebuilt-in Wuala™ cloud backup service enables simple yet secure offsite backupto Wuala’s geo-distributed cloud storage. For best-in-class security, data isencrypted before leaving the NAS and only the user retains the encryption key.

Powered by the new performance-optimised Seagate NAS OS andfeaturing a 2.13GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor coupled with 2GB of RAM,the4-bay Rackmount NAS delivers impressive file transfer performance of upto 200MB/s*. Plus, built-in support for iSCSI enables maximum performance and deliversadditional storage for virtualised appliances on a given network.

Collaborate, share and get anywhere access to your filesseamlessly and securely with the integrated Wuala™ cloud service andbusiness-focusedapps for PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet. The free Wuala™ apps automaticallysync files and provide access from iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, soemployees can stay productive when they are on the go. Because all files areencrypted and transferred directly to recipients, your business-critical dataremains private and secure.

The 4-bay Rackmount NAS includes Seagate NAS HDD drives featuringNASWorks™ technology, which supports customised error recovery controls, powermanagement and vibration tolerance for optimal performance and reliability.Adapting to the needs of small business NAS systems, Seagate® NASHDDs providethe best-performing, highest-capacity storage for 1- to 5-bay Meso systems.

SimplyRAID™ technology automatically manages installed drives togive you the optimal blend of capacity and redundancy. The 4-bayRackmount NASis equipped with hot-swappable drive bays and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports tohelp increase uptime and keep your business running smoothly.

The 4-bay Rackmount NAS features a short depth chassis, allowingit to be installed in a shallow rack. This saves valuable floor space, makingit the ideal storage solution for growing small businesses.


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