Microboards QDL-3000 CD/DVD Autoloading Duplicator

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Microboards QDL-3000 CD/DVD Autoloading DuplicatorItem No: 022-0092

Do you have occasions where you need to make a few quick copies of a project on CD/DVD (or Blu-ray) Disc but don't have the time to run them through your computer or on a manual tower and didn't have the budget for the larger robotic duplicators?

Of course you do! The QDL-3000 Blu-ray from Microboards Technology is the perfect solution for CD/DVD (Blu-ray) jobs.
With a small manageable footprint not much larger than a shoe box, the QDL-3000 fits in any office or cubicle and works unattended to make up to 60 copies per run.

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