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Games storage cases for Playstation PS3 / PS2 , Wii and Xbox 360

Below are all our various original replacement cases for Playstaion PS3, xbox 360 and Wii consoles, Click here for coloured and clear dvd cases. Our cases are the original top quality replacement games cases and NOT shabby copies, these cases were designed specially as replacements for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft - yes they are not cheap but we have searched the globe for manufacturers to make top quality replacement cases - trust me we have seen some shocking quality ones! The cases which we supply are the best copy cases that we could find and hardly distinguishable from the originals (indeed most of the cases we supply are made in the same factory as used by Sony / Microsoft). If you want to replace your broken PS3 or X360 cases with exactly the same quality of case as the game came in then you have found the right place!

There is an extremely large choice when it comes to storage of your games now, there are many different variations on the standard dvd case and many of the games cases for Playstation and Xbox have been copied - these are obviously much cheaper that the originals on this page and we do sell the copiesl - but you get what you pay for, there are many suppliers of copied cases but often they provide lighter and a slightly different colour cases, our cases are as close to the originals as you can get. See below for our full product listing and if you dont see what you want give us a call we can definately get it for you quickly. Beware of suppliers who claim to be selling the original cases straight from Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo - they will be fakes as these manufacturers do not allow the resale of empty games cases!

Official Xbox 360 Games / Disc Case for 1 disc (10 Pack)
(Code: 007-113)
£ 3.30
- Official Microsoft Games Case
- Made in the EU
- 14rmm Spine
- Machine grade case
Official Xbox 360 Games / Disc Case for 2 disc (10 Pack)
(Code: 007-114)
£ 3.40
- Official Microsoft Games Case
- Made by Carthuplas
- 14rmm Spine
- Machine grade case
- Double stacker hub
Nintendo Wii U High Grade Replacement Case (10 PACK)
(Code: 007-115-WU)
£ 2.50
- High Quality EU made case
- Made by Flexbox
- 14mm Spine
- Outer wrap for Inlay
- Pack of 10 Cases
Nintendo 3DS Official Replacement Game Case (10 Pack)
(Code: 007-129)
£ 10.50
- Official Branded Nintendo Case
- Cartridge mount and booklet clips.
- With PP Material with holes
- To fit 3DS game cards
- Pack of 10 cases
(10 Item(s) In Stock)
Amaray Clear Blu-Ray Case 15mm (10 Pack)
(Code: 007-027)
£ 3.80

  • Amaray official product
  • Top quality case
  • Machine packable
  • 15 mm spine
  • Clear PP plastic
  • Blu-ray logo
  • Booklet clips
  • Similar to PS3 case

    Nintendo Wii DVD Cases (10 Box)
    (Code: 007-009-wii)
    £ 3.00

  • Nintendo Wii cases
  • White
  • High Grade PP Material
  • 14mm Standard DVD case 
  • Size 190mm x 135mm x 14mm
  • Clear outer wrap for inlay

    Nintendo DS Replacement Cases (10 PACK)
    (Code: 006-0221)
    £ 4.50

  • Nintendo DS game replacement case
  • High grade construction from clear PP material
  • 19 mm spine
  • Clear Outer
  • Wrap for artwork inlay.

    Amaray XBOX Replacement Case (Solid Green) 10 PACK
    (Code: 007-063)
    £ 2.20

  • Amaray Brand - Highest quality
  • Xbox style replacement Cases
  • 14mm spine
  • Solid Green High Grade PP Material
  • Machine Packable
  • With Booklet Clips
  • Outer Wrap for Inlay

    Official Xbox One Games / Disc Case (10 Pack)
    (Code: 007-081)
    £ 4.50
  • Offiicial games case for XBOX ONE
  • Xbox and Microsoft Logo on front and back
  • With clear outer wrap for inlay
    XBOX Kinect Replacement Case (25 PACK)
    (Code: 006-028)
    £ 7.50

  • Xbox Kinect style cases
  • Clear Purple
  • Booklet clips
  • Clear outer wrap for inlay
  • High Grade PP Material
  • Standard DVD case 14mm
  • Size 190mm x 135mm x 14mm
  • 25 pack

    PS2 Playstation 2 Replacement DVD Case (10 PACK)
    (Code: 006-023)
    £ 5.20

  • PlayStation 2 style case
  • Blue
  • PP material
  • Memory card slot
  • Size 190mm x 135mm x 14mm
  • Clear outer wrap for inlay

  • PS4 Playstation 4  Replacement Blu-Ray Case (10 PACK)
    (Code: 007-073)
    £ 4.80
  • Official case
  • Blu-ray style case for Playstation 4 games
  • High grade clear PP material
  • 14mm spine width
  • With clear outer wrap for inlay
  • (377 Item(s) In Stock)
    PS Playstation Vita Replacement Cases (10 Pack)
    (Code: 006-0243)
    £ 4.20
  • PS Vita replacement case
  • High Quality PP materials
  • Pack of 10 cases
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