Falcon Media Century DVD-R 8x Gold Archival - Blank Shiny (25 Cake)

(Code: 002-052)
£ 21.50
Falcon Media Century DVD-R 8x Gold Archival - Blank Shiny (25 Cake)
  • Century DVD-R 4.7GB 100 Years Safe Archive
  • Integrated 24k Gold Layer for maximum resistance to corrosion and environmental factors
  • Rigorous accelerated aging simulation testing
  • Ultra hard coat UHC™ scratch and smudge resistant up to 50 times more scratch resistant than standard media
  • Triple A Grade archival media
  • Users become more and more concerned about the lifetime of the storage medium used for their sensitive data. FalconMedia Century blank media offer the most reliable long-term storage solution for such a purpose. FalconMedia Century media is archival grade blank media which provides the user with a safe, certified archival and a data storage solution. Century blank DVD-R & CD-R media incorporates a layer which provides maximum resistance to degradation due to the general environment, a premium performance when compared to professional media as well as improved stability relative to pure silver. FalconMedia Century is manufactured with premium original OEM Japanese materials and technology to ensure superior archival-quality media. The stability of both reflective and recording layers are the determining factors which ensure longevity of media and its data content. For extended and safe day-to-day use of media FalconMedia Century is available with ultra hard coat UHC - the protective layer option that ensures up to 50X more scratch and smudge resistance over normal media.

    All FalconMedia Century products have been tested and qualified for archival applications by the reputable French National Laboratory, Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais (LNE).
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