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DVD-RAM Media products from Verbatim and Maxell

DVD RAM uses a highly-refined phase-change recording alloy uniquely suited to the requirements of rewritable dvd ram. Latest developments and technological advances mean increased storage capacities up to 9.4 Gbytes (double-sided media).Capable of more than 100,000 read/write cycles. Exceptionally high degree of stability and archival integrity. These discs are ideally suited to applications such as video and audio recording and multimedia development, where its ability to support repeated re-recording cycles can offer a significant advantage. The DVD-RAM discs come in two types: Type 1 is a disc in a sealed caddy for more general use while Type 2 - a disc in an open caddy - is formulated for specialist commercial applications. Our manufacturer partners for ram media products are Verbatim, Maxell and TDK.

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Panasonic LM-AD240LE3 9.4gb Double Sided DVD-RAM Disc (3 Pack)
(Code: 025-052)
£ 13.99

  • DVD-RAM 9.4GB 
  • Double-sided 
  • Removable Cartridge
  • 240 Minutes Fine mode recording time
  • Pack of 3

    Panasonic LM-AF120LE10 4.7GB DVD-RAM (non cartridge) 10 Pack
    (Code: 025-053)
    £ 9.99

  • 4.7GB DVD-RAM
  • Single sided
  • Non-cartridge type
  • 120 Minutes fine mode recording time 
  • 3x Speed
  • pack of 10
    Verbatim DVD 3X Ram 4.7Gb 43491 Branded Cartridge Type 2 - 5 PACK
    (Code: 025-072)
    £ 15.75

  • 4.7GB Capacity
  • 3x Speed
  • 5 Pack Cartridge T2
  • The Type 2 Cartridge is a removable case for DVD-RAM. 
  • This disc is preformatted in UDF 2.0 
  • Product Number: 43491

  • Verbatim DVD-RAM 9.4Gb 3x Type 4 Cartridge (43493) 5 pk
    (Code: 025-076-5)
    £ 26.20

  • Verbatim 43492 9.4GB 3x DVD-RAM - Jewel Cased Single
  • High Capacity, up to 9.4GB (double sided)
  • Fast Random Accessibility
  • Hard Coat for Superior Protection
  • 100,000 overwrites (3x media)
  • Single Jewel Case Disc

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