DVD-R Business Cards

DVD Business Cards

Company Card DVD-R 86mm x 61mm rectangular cards.
Are you looking for something that bit different to the ordinary paper business card? Stand out from the crowd and present your company through words, pictures and sounds!

The 'Company Card' DVD-R can be used as a normal business card, but also has the capability of storing 330MB of data; enough space for a powerful presentation or even a few minutes of high quality digital video. You can even present an offline copy of your website to potential customers or provide all your product details in the handy sized, card shaped DVD-R.

The card works in the same way as a normal CD-R and features a white inkjet printable surface. They are compatible with tray loading CD writers and players and can be recorded at speeds of up to 16x.

Supplied each with a protective plastic wallet. Fast and easy access to large amounts of information - Compact and convenient to carry - More cost effective than paper based materials - Increased hit rate to your company's website through URL links - Professional appearance.
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