BD-R Dual Layer

Recordable 50 GB Blu-ray recordable BD-R DL dual layer discs

A 50GB Dual Layer Blu-ray disc also know as BD-R DL can store 10 times more data than a standard DVD on the same size blu-ray BD-R DL disc. When using Blu-ray it is vital to choose a reliable BD-R disc with a protective coating to prevent data loss and playback issues. The high definition ability of Bluray far outstrips standard DVD-R. How long will it take to record a full 50GB Blu-ray BD-R media disc? It will take you approximately 90 minutes to record a 50GB Blu-ray disc at 2x, this is similar to recording 10 DVD-R discs at 8x, one after the other, however many of the latest blu-ray burners will burn at 8x drastically reducing the recording time. For the professional finish we supply genuine Amaray Blu-ray cases.

How much data can a 50GB recordable Blu-ray BD-R disc actually hold? The disc manufacturers' definition of GB is 1,000,000,000 bytes (SI) but most computer operating systems including Windows use the 1,073,741,824 byte definition so the actual capacity available to the operating system will be 47GB

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