Amaray Blu-ray Megapack for 6-12 discs

(Code: 007-094)
£ 1.55
Amaray Blu-ray Megapack for 6-12 discs
  • Amaray Blu-ray Megapack for 6-12 discs
  • Amaray Blu-ray Megapack for 6-12 discs

  • Customisable capacity
  • Red tag compatible
  • 44mm spine 
  • 6 to 12 disc capacity

  • Case supplied with 6 disc capacity
    extra trays sold separately.

    Will not accept standard blu-ray trays.

    Merchandising of premium box sets is no longer a problem and theft no longer a risk.

    Whilst keeping the traditional ‘cool blue’ Blu-Ray characteristic and adopting the flexibility and function of our DVD Megapack, Amaray’s Blu-Ray Megapack holds between 6-12 discs securely protecting the advanced nature of Blu-ray technology.

    A new patented tray system allows last minute configuration at the replicator by adding one or two trays. Box sets have always been a merchandising problem for a retailer, due to their value and size (typically this means not having the safers or spider wraps of the right size).

    Amaray’s Red Tag locking mechanism enables the retailer to merchandise hi-value box set compilations with confidence, removing out of stock situations and utilising shelf space for your premium products.
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