Amaray Blu-ray Case Double Face on Face 15mm (28 Pack)

(Code: 007-028)
£ 8.12
Amaray Blu-ray Case Double Face on Face 15mm (28 Pack)

  • 2 disc Blu-ray Case face on face
  • Official Amaray product
  • 15mm Spine
  • Clear Outer Wrap for Inlay
  • Booklet clips
  • Reg Tag security system compatible

  • Greener and more secure – the 15mm Face-on-Face Blu-Ray
    case is the realisation of Amaray’s continual progress in media

    The case is made more environmentally friendly and easily
    recyclable PP with this Face-on-Face storage ability means no
    wasted plastic in extra trays.

    Storage has not been sacrificed to reduce the carbon footprint.
    However, as the case features Amaray’s unique reusable RedTag
    technology it removes the need for bulky safers or use once security
    labels. Face-on-Face delivers the same level of robust protection that
    would be expected from a case with trays but is infinitely more secure
    and allows live product display.

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