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The name in batteries is DURACELL - the Duracell battery range is second to none!


The premium name in battery products - Duracell. These are the very best available batteries, we stock the Duracell plus and procell packs in all different sizes from the popular AA and AAA batteries though to the larger C, D and 9 volt sizes. Duracell batteries are known as the very best and this means that they own 80 - 90% of the battery market in the UK, this just goes to show that if you want the very top quality battery you should choose a Duracell, and here at we recognise that people have been paying too much for the Duracell brand, we buy extremely large numbers of batteries and this means that we can pass this bulk buying discount onto you our customers - so please take a look at the various Duracell products that we offer and we think you will be very happy to see our prices are often 50% below what you would pay in the shops.

sony mini dv tapes
Duracell Industrial AA (10 Pack)

2.50 per Box
Amazing value, great for high drain usages.

Trade pricing available on these DV tapes.
maxell mini dv tape
Maxell Mini DV Tape 60 Mins - (90 Mins Long Play) DVHNM60BE

from £1.15 per tape
Used in digital camcorders, Maxell's MiniDV cassette tape offers high performance digital video recording with superior visual playback and durability. This and the Sony mini dv tape product are the highest quality available and are fully guaranteed.

Please select your required quantity of dv tape from the dropdown on the right.
verbatim dv tape
Verbatim Digital Video Cassette 60 Min Single

from £1.31 per tape

Verbatim Digital Video Cassette's are for use with Mini Digital Video (DV) Camcorders. These cassettes enable 60 minutes of high quality recording and feature an anti-static lid for error free recording. The durable cartridge is designed for repeated use and the high quality tape provides excellent long-term storage for all your home movies.
Verbatim part code 47652.

Maxell 60 minute dvd-ram for camcorders

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sony 8cm dvd-rw 30min

Sony DVD recordable for Camcorders

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Amaray DVD cases

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