Glossary of terms, cdr media

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Glossary of recordable media terms - cd-r media

CDR - Abbreviation for Compact Disc-Recordable. CD-R discs have become a universal data storage medium worldwide. CDRs are becoming increasingly popular for music recording. CDR discs are available in two types multimedia CDR discs for computer use and music-only CDR discs for use in home audio CD recorders. CDR discs are write-once media-once used; they cannot be erased or re-recorded upon. CDR discs can be played back in any audio CD player or CDROM drive, as well as many DVD players and drives.

CDRW - Abbreviation for Compact Disc-Rewritable. Unlike write-once CDR media, CDRW discs are rewritable and can be erased and re-recorded upon over and over again. CDRW discs can not be played back on all CD players and CDROM drives, but only on CD players, CDROM drives, and DVD players and drives that are CDRW playback-compatible. CDRW discs are available in two types-multimedia CDRW discs for computer use and music-only CDRW discs for use in home audio CD recorders.

CD Burner - Computer-based CD writers are often called CD burners for a very simple reason. CD burners (or writers) actually heat small areas on the CDR surface, which changes the reflectivity of the recording dye layer. Though nothing really burns on the CDR, the name CD burner is fun and descriptive. Virtually all CD burners today do more than "burn" CDRs; they also record on rewritable CDR discs.

CD Recorder - People often use the term CD recorder to describe a particular type of CD recording deck-a standalone CD recorder used for recording music CDs at home. Their main advantage compared to a computer-based CD recorder setup is ease of use-a home, Note: Music CD recorders use special audio-only CDR discs-multimedia-type CDRs for computer use will not work in a home audio CD recorder.

CD Writer - A common term for a computer-based CD recorder. CD writers can be either external or internal, for installation inside a computer's unused drive bay. Some computers now come with an internal CD writer already installed. CD writers can be connected either via a SCSI connection, EIDE/ATAPI connection or in the case of the latest, fastest models, an IEEE1394 ("FireWire") interface. CD writers are available in models that record on write-once CDR discs, or both CDR and rewritable CDRW media. CD writers are relatively inexpensive and are great for recording music files downloaded from the Internet, as well as storing large amounts of data (up to 700MB or 80 minutes of CD-quality stereo audio). In fact, a single CDR can store more than 10 hours of MP-3 files!

CDR Software Software - Used in conjunction with a computer and a CD-burner to record CDR discs and perform other functions. A variety of CDR software is available for recording music, multimedia and data CDs. In music recording, CDR software can be used to "rip," or extract digital audio data from a CD and convert it into WAV or WMA files that can be used on a computer. When burning a disc, CDR software is used to convert digital audio files, including MP-3 files downloaded from the Internet, into CD audio data. CDR music software can also organize and manage music play lists, perform audio processing such as removing ticks and pops from LPs, print CD labels and much more.

Recordable DVD - The next generation of recordable optical media, recordable DVD-R and DVD-RAM offers storage capacity far beyond recordable CDs. DVD-RAM, for example, is available in capacities up to 9.4GB-compared to 700MB maximum storage capacity for a recordable CD.