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BD-R Inkjet Printable

Printable blu-ray and recordable discs | Blu-ray products

We offer blu-ray discs with all grades of inkjet printable surface from the world's top manufacturers.  We carry Verbatim, Traxdata, MediaRange, Maxell and many more blu ray discs.  Each brand has it's own type of printable surface of varying grades. We stock the very highest grade printable surfaces such as the JVC WaterShield surface or Falcon's Smart Guard Glossy inkjet surface, and also other cheaper printable BluRay discs.  If you need to ask us any questions or need samples of any of the printable surfaces in our range please call us on 01302 330333 and we can help.
Aone Blu-Ray 25GB 4x Inkjet Printable (10 Pack)
(Code: 005-026)
£ 3.50

  • Great Value Disc
  • 4x Burn Speed
  • 25Gb Capacity
  • Full surface inkjet printable
  • Traxdata BD-R Blu-Ray 4x 25GB Inkjet Printable (10 PACK)
    (Code: 005-0006)
    £ 6.30

  • BD-R 25gb capacity 4x speed disc
  • Reliable Ritek inkjet print surface
  • Non-organic dye type
  • Shrink wrapped in packs of 10.

  • MediaRange BD-R 6x Inkjet Full Face Printable (10 TUB)
    (Code: 005-005)
    £ 7.60
    (-17.11%) £ 6.30

  • BD-R 25GB 6x
  • Non-organic dye type
  • Full surface printable media.
  • High quality inkjet printable surface.

    Verbatim BD-R 6x Inkjet Printable Hard Coat (25 Cake) 43811
    (Code: 005-036)
    £ 16.75

  • 25GB Capacity
  • 6x Speed
  • Pack Style: 25 Pack Spindle
  • Disc Surface: Wide Inkjet Printable
  • Print area: 22-118mm
  • This disc complies with BD-R spec 1.3
  • Verbatim BD-R 6x Inkjet Printable Hard Coat (50 Cake) 43812
    (Code: 005-037)
    £ 32.50

  • 25GB Capacity
  • 6x Speed
  • 50 Pack Spindle
  • Wide Inkjet Printable Disc Surface
  • 22-118mm Print area
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